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Donut Express, often referred to as your go-to breakfast place in Hayward, has a history of good taste, freshness and community involvement. Haywards’s popular doughnut store on Winton Avenue has now expanded online and serves the most amazing recipes in the world that we would love to share with you. Oh, and did we mention our donuts? They're delicious. Starting with the desire to serve, nourish and satisfy customers’ need for the best breakfast, we want to be a place where taste, quality and social responsibility are reconciled in perfect harmony. The time you spend together over here is what really makes every donut experience one-of-a-kind. For those who go around the city to find a healthy breakfast to satisfy their craving for donuts instead of traditional junky breakfast fast food, Donut Express came into existence. We go by one simple promise: to provide a clean alternative to greasy breakfasts without compromising on taste! Donut Express opened its doors with more than just donut delivery. With an entirely healthy menu that includes the freshest ingredients from scratch, we take pride in serving made-to-order foods that highlight creativity from our chefs and make every meal an experience. It’s where breakfast dreams come true. We use fresh groceries and ingredients to whip up a menu of handcrafted food made fresh daily. Every donut, croissant sandwich, burrito, smoothie and coffee we make is crafted by our own team. This is because we want our ingredients to always be the crispiest and tastiest you’ll ever find, never frozen or from a can. It's also because we want to stay small so that all our customers can experience a great homemade vegan breakfast. All that being said, your stomach will thank you for allowing us to welcome you into our world where good taste never goes out of style. If you want to fulfill all your breakfast desires in one place, we invite you to delight in our delectable variety of goodies like bagels and cheesesteak. From your flavored iced drinks to everything you crave, we’ve got it for you.

The pleasure of sweet surprises on the go

Browse our collection of donuts, sandwiches, or your favorite chilled drinks, and you sure will find something to get crazy about. We serve a delightful range of English breakfast for you to enjoy anywhere, whether you’re home, at your workplace, or on the go. Order your boxful of joy to taste the exciting flavors.


Sip, bite & binge on our signatures

All our scrumptious donuts, croissants and buns are delicious, soft and made every day. We prepare every feast you order wholeheartedly so you come back to celebrate your biggest celebrations, smallest wins, or for no reason. If you haven’t visited us yet, now is the time to get acquainted with our signature donut express menu.

Customer Reviews


Katie Schiller

Wonderful donuts, great service. I work nights at a hospital and sometimes on my way home from work in the morning get 2 dozen to take to work that night. Everyone devours them and says they taste like they were just made. The cake donuts are my favorite.

Des Kimb

Great people the owners are wonderful. I love coming to grab a taste doughnut with some wake up coffee. Maybe make a little money playing lottery. Over all I give it 5 stars wish I could give it 10 🌟

Jason Carver

I am very happy with the service offered here. They have a lot of good sandwich choices here and is awesome to stop by here anytime if you are next door to the Laundry Mat or just going there just because. It always seems to be busy etc. And the food is good.