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Bubble tea in flavors more than you think

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About Us

Enjoy the tasty tea experience in town

Pop Tea Bar, Palo Alto is a cafe selling Taiwanese-style bubble tea, snacks and more in a cheerful atmosphere. The idea of the Pop Tea Bar was first introduced to meet the cravings for a delicious variety of bubble tea among boba tea lovers. To provide a remarkable tea experience in the city, we are heading towards building a great tea lovers’ community. Our mission is to bring the Taiwanese Bubble Tea culture to Palo Alto. We have drinks like Milk Teas, Smoothies and Boba Smoothies, blended with fresh fruits, Seasalt Tea, Ice Slush, Real Fresh Fruit Tea and more! Along with bubble tea, we also serve authentic Taiwanese food with a twist that you can't get anywhere else. The bubble teas at our tea place are fresh, handmade drinks made with the highest quality ingredients that are served with snacks and more in a cheerful atmosphere! Our tea cafe has also brought in some of our best sellers like Banh Mi Sandwich in a wide variety to introduce them to the rest of the world. We use the best ingredients to make our food and boba drinks and provide the fastest possible service for you so you can enjoy the original Taiwanese atmosphere right at home! Anyone who loves bubble tea or just a good drink will appreciate the many unique flavors of tea that we serve here, both hot or cold drinks. Each of them is made to ensure the highest quality and satisfaction you experience after trying the best tea drinks in the town. With over 50 different delicious flavors to choose from, you'll be sure to find your favorite to enjoy a delicious bubble tea as well as send your loved ones a box of our signature drinks! So what are you waiting for? Come visit us today at Pop Tea Bar in Palo Alto!

The paradise for tea lovers

The variety of our bubble teas contains a great variety including milk tea, fruit tea and some of our signature collections. With more than 50 flavors, tea choices, toppings and milk options for every boba lover, you can easily find your personal favorite and enjoy your freshly brewed tea.


The dose of comfort and flavor

Our uniquely prepared signature dishes are quickly made yet ensure the precise taste. A comforting drink after a long workday, a delicious way to hydrate during the day or a companion to feel high is what our boba tea is capable of. In simple words - A dose of comfort and flavor to have around the clock.

Customer Reviews


Chiara Colognolla

This is so far the BEST boba place I have been in California! They have fresh fruit and coconut milk and almond milk and there are so many options for healthy drinks!

Komal Patil

The fresh milk tea was good. Boba has a little sweet taste which tastes good if you take less sugar in your drink.

Reed Garder

My favorite boba place in the bay - they keep that old school boba vibe alive, no silly extra bells and whistles catering to Instagram influencers… just that good boba at the right price. Always makes me feel good here - thanks pop tea bar!

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